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  • Writing Heat Level 3 When You’re Filipino

    Writing Heat Level 3 When You’re Filipino

    This episode is called Writing Heat Level 3 or writing on-page sex, When You’re Filipino. On the panel and contributing to this episode are romanceclass authors, who are Filipino romance authors, who have written and/or edited sex scenes in romance books. 

  • The #RomanceClass Podcast

    The #RomanceClass Podcast

    4pm PHT Saturday, 26 November 2022 Join the Kilig Anthology creators Cris Santos, Gianne Rabena, Danice Sison, Milo Galang, Yugen, Zee Dino, Fay Sebastian, Celestine Trinidad, and Suzette de Borja as they talk about the new KOMIKET x #RomanceClass collaboration. This episode is hosted by author Mina V. Esguerra. Don’t forget to go to YouTube…

  • Our K-Pop Influences

    Our K-Pop Influences

    Join romance authors Mina V. Esguerra, Chi Yu Rodriguez, Tara Frejas, Jay E. Tria, Katt Briones, Six de los Reyes, and Danice Mae P. Sison as they discuss how k-pop and k-dramas influenced their fiction.

  • The Rockstar Trope

    The Rockstar Trope

    Why do we love rockstars? And why do we love reading about them (and their friends and lovers) in romance books? Authors Mina, Six, Tara, Dawn, and Jay answer these questions and talk about their favorite rockstar stories in korean dramas and other television shows. They also share how they wrote their rockstar romance books.

  • Season 4 : Tropes!

    Season 4 : Tropes!

    Join romance authors Mina V. Esguerra and Tara Frejas on this livestream as they talk about the origins and inspirations of their characters names. Other authors in the community will also share their character name origins. 4pm PHT Saturday, 4 September 2021 Got questions? Ask them on the live chat during the stream or tweet…

  • The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle

    The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle

    The #RomanceClass podcast had a tropetastic launch for season four with the launch of a short story anthology: The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle. It’s an anthology of romance stories written by #RomanceClass authors — and all proceeds of the sale will go to good causes such as disaster relief and livelihood programs for women and vulnerable…

  • Keep the Faith – Chapter 18 – Part 2

    Keep the Faith – Chapter 18 – Part 2

    James didn’t seem surprised by the question, but he also didn’t hurry to answer. It gave me a chance to observe him, and I realized that I was no longer afraid to hear his answer. Instead of the anxiety that I used to feel at the thought of asking him that, I just felt resigned.…

  • Keep the Faith – Chapter 18 – Part 1

    Keep the Faith – Chapter 18 – Part 1

    So this is what heartbreak felt like. I guess I was surprised to know this already, since the actual breakup was six months ago, but the pain I felt now that James was officially with someone else had nothing on that evening. The ache lingered, and not even the torrent of tears washed it away…

  • Keep the Faith – Chapter 17

    Keep the Faith – Chapter 17

    I never had any problems sleeping even after the breakup — April often envied that about me. It didn’t matter where I was sleeping; as soon as my brain decided it was bedtime, I would just close my eyes and I’d be asleep in minutes. But that night after Nico left, no matter how much…

  • Keep the Faith – Chapter 16 – Part 2

    Keep the Faith – Chapter 16 – Part 2

    I looked back at the house, but James had already closed the gate. What was I expecting? That he would watch me leave? “You okay?” Nico asked.

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