#RomanceClass Podcast Season 5, Episode 1 - Food and Kilig

Food and Kilig

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This episode is our season premiere and it’s about our favorite things: food and kilig. This week, the RomanceClass community released a charity anthology called NomCom. Fourteen short stories all set in a fictional food park called Nomnom Commons. It expands on our anthology last year called the Tropetastic Kindness Bundle, which were stories all set in a condo building called St. Tropez Court. Joining me to discuss food, kilig, and their stories in the NomCom anthology, are authors Brij Bautista, Danice Mae P. Sison, Layla Tanjutco, Chi Yu Rodriguez, and Tara Frejas.


  1. Introduction of NomCom + the concept
  2. Authors introduce themselves + short description of their story + talk about the trope assigned to them
  3. Authors talk about how NomCom and food plays a part in the romance of their story
  4. Q&A

Watch the full video

This episode was recorded and streamed live on February 19, 2022 over YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. If you’d like to watch the entire stream, check out the video below.

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